Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fun at The Lake

Rachel and I spent Labor Day weekend at Casey's parents house. We rented a pontoon boat at Shaver Lake and had a great time cruising around the lake. We had an amazing weekend full of sun and relaxation.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Golf Tournament

Last weekend we had the opportunity to play in the SNARSCA (Southern Nevada Air-Condition Refrigeration Services Contractors Association, whew what a mouth full!) We had a great time out on the course.

We played a scramble and hit a whopping 66 on a full par 72. Not too bad for such great looking fellaz! Synergy was a sponsor for the event and we even received a glass plaque for our sponsorship. We didn't finish in first, but we had a great time finishing somewhere in the middle. If anyone wants to do some golfing in the near future, let me know! I may even give you a few mulligans to help you out.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Get Together

Ok! This is a notice to the Davis family and anyone else who would like to come to the Davis get together. We are officially set for our August 30 Pontoon Boat adventure at shaver lake! This is going to be a blast! Rachel and I will be arriving Thursday or Friday night. Rachel and I are thinking about camping at shaver lake. If anyone is interested, let us know! It costs 25 bucks a night to camp at shaver lake. Split between two couples that's 12.50 a piece, not bad! Reply in comments section and lets have a great labor day weekend!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vegas Bugs and Baseball

Well it's been a little while since we have updated our blog. The reason we have been so slow to do so is due to a shortage of picture taking. And what fun is a blog with no pictures? So, pictures or not, let me tell you about last weekend.

Last Saturday Rachel and I visited the Las Vegas Natural History museum which is conveniently located near the Mormon fort. I was a little hesitant on going because the cost is $8.00 per person. But Rachel found a buy-one-get-one free coupon on the internet and I had little choice and she really wanted go. We arrived and found that a new exhibit was recently put in called "Crime Scene Insects." I had no idea that bugs are used to help solve murder cases. Depending on the bugs found in a dead body, investigators can determine time of death, location of death, and connect this information to help convict criminals. What really made me remember this exhibit was the mats on the floor surrounding the exhibits. For some reason, the museum officials placed 15 foot by 15 foot pictures of actual dead people on the floor. We thought that was really odd.

Enough about dead people and bugs, we continued on to see ancient fossils, dinosaurs, snakes, and a whole bunch of other stuff that 5th graders really enjoy. And so did we.

One of Rachels "Favorite Facts" she learned was that flies smell out of their rears, and taste out of their feet! So if a fly lands on you, it's probably tasting you, smelling you from the rear, and laying eggs on you. Lol.

After the museum visit, I noticed a great big stadium close by. Realizing we were just a few minutes away from the Las Vegas 51's (Los Angeles Dodgers farm team), we decided to go see if a game was playing. We found out that a game would be playing at 7:00 so we bought two tickets at $9.00 a piece.

This turned out to be a great idea! It was free "bobble head doll" night, and Rachel and I both received a bobbel head doll. We had great seats and the 51's ended up winning 12 to 8 over the Iowa Cubs. We had a great time, despite having some smelly people next to us. One of the old people sitting next to Rachel smelled really bad, and the wind was blowing in our direction. We couldn't tell if it was the old hippie guy with gold chains, or the crazy old lady yelling obscenities at the players. The game ended with a win and we decided to head home and call it a day.

Rachel and I are looking forward to seeing everyone at Thanksgiving (we'll be headed up to Mom and Dad's house). We are also still thinking about having a get together sometime in Sept., so take a look at the poll below and let me know where you would like to go!