Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All Smiles!

Okay so I am hoping this post will at least get you to smile if not laugh out loud. I found some cute pictures of Brooklyn smiling that I forgot I had taken and I also wanted to post some hilarious things Zaya has been saying lately. I wish you could hear them for yourself because some of them are so much funnier in person, but just try and imagine Zaya's little sing songy voice. :)

These are some things I just started writing down as I listened to him talk while he played.
"Where's the yellow car? Yellow car come here right now okay. Come here before you get a spanken!"
"Okay time for drive through time. Where did all the cars go? Are they back there?"
"It's not very good. It tastes like yucky!"
"What's that noise? Is the truck in the drive through making noises? We better get the drive through. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry we better get the drive through outside.
"Woa..Careful. Careful mom." He says this a lot and he said it the first time when I had to slam on the brakes in the car! :) This is just one of many hilarious conversations that he has with himself while he plays with his toys.

~As he drags around a suitcase he says, "I'm coming for school."
~As he looks at a bunch of papers on the table or as he climbs up to the computer desk he says, "I'm checking my e-mail mom. Zaya has ta check his e-mail." He also says this quite a bit. :)
~While looking at the brownies that just came out of the oven he exclaims very enthusiastically while throwing his hands in the air, "Its going to be very delicious and watch a movie!" (We were going to watch a movie while eating the brownies.)
~Zaya comes up to me and says "Zaya has a great big smile." I look down to find my concealer on his cheeks in a shape of a smile. It made me laugh so hard I had to get a picture. Even though I usually get mad because I don't even know how many times I have to tell him not to put on my makeup. :)

~While looking at a tag on the suitcase that was from an airplane ride a long time ago he says, "20 dollars WOW! 20 Dollars!" He has also said this a lot while looking at other stuff and I am not sure quite where he came up with this but for some reason 20 dollars is so amazing to him!
~This morning he came up to me after he had gotten out of the bath (which he was in for awhile) and he said, "My hands are all greasy mom." So I told him to let me see. He held his hands out for me to see and I couldn't see any grease so I felt them and they were clean. He couldn't quite figure out why his hands where so wrinkled! I guess wrinkly hands are close to greasy? LOL!
~He also says, "Here you are go." This is a combination of Here you go and here you are. He says it whenever he is giving you or someone else something.
~As we drive down the road he always says, " I think a _____." Usually he fills in the blank with windmill or garbage truck, ambulance, fire truck, or any other thing he feels like looking for. But instead of saying, "lets look for..." he says, "I think a...". :)
He also says, "You're such a big helper mom!"

Those are all that I can think of for now. What a silly little Zaya! :)

My smiley Brooklyn in her cute little hat! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brooky 2 months old

Okay so Brooklyn actually turns 3 months old next week so this is a little late, but better late than never. :) At her 2 month appointment she weighed 10 lbs 13 oz, but this was on the 15 of September, so she wasn't quite 2 months old. She was 22 3/4 inches tall and her head was 15 3/4 cm. So if I remember correctly the doctor said that her weight was 75th percentile and her height is 50th percentile. I don't know what her head is. So Again she is long and skinny, but not nearly as long and skinny as Zaya was at this age. :) She is getting to be quite the chunk and I just love her little fat rolls! :) Although really she isn't that fat, she just seems like it since Zaya was skinny. :) She also got her first set of shots and handled those pretty well. Here are some pics of her at 2 months. The first and last picture she isn't exactly two months old but they are just cute pictures of her sleeping that I love! Sorry I get carried away with the amount of pictures and hope you enjoy them as much as I do. :) Oh and as you can see her hair is coming back in! YAY!

Brooky's Brace

So I have been meaning to post more about Brooklyn's brace for a while now...anyway she got her brace put on on the 1st of September. So she has been wearing it for approximately a month and a half now. At first she really hated it and so did I! She screamed and screamed the first day and then ever since then it hasn't bothered her much. Now it doesn't seem to bother her at all. After she had been in the brace for two weeks we took her to the orthopeds and her doctor said that her hip was no longer dislocating like it had been. At that point he said we will just keep her in her brace and hope that everything starts to heal correctly. So she has to wear the brace at all times except for bathing and changing. We take her in again around the first of November and they are hoping that by then her bones will be developed enough that they can get a good x-ray to give them a better idea of what it going on. So until then we are just hoping and praying that this brace is working and that we won't have to go to a more "difficult" brace. If this brace doesn't work I think the next one will be one that doesn't come off...but not 100% sure on that. Their guesstimate is that she will be going through this process anywhere from 4 months to a year. I am hoping it is closer to the 4 months and if so that would mean we are almost halfway done!

So far I think the brace has been a little more difficult for me than it has for Brooklyn, which I guess is a good thing. I just wish she didn't have to wear it and it is just so much more fun to hold her and cuddle her without the hard scratchy thing on. I am starting to get used to it now and it doesn't bother me as much as it used to but I still wish I could just hold and cuddle her without it. I just have to keep reminding myself of all the positive things that the brace is accomplishing and remember that it would be worse in the long run if she didn't wear it now. I am just glad that she won't remember having to wear it and that her only memory of it will be from pictures. :) I still get frustrated when I look in her drawer and see all the cute little dresses and little rompers and things that would be so much cuter if she didn't have to always wear some sort of pants/leggings under or over them. Anyway I really don't get frustrated about it too much unless I stop and think about it like I am right now. :) I just hope that we don't have to end up going to the more severe braces or casts.

 It basically is made of plastic with straps and Velcro. Then it has a metal bar that goes across the front and the back. The top strap goes around her belly and the other straps wrap around her legs. Kind of hard to describe but it shows a little better with her wearing it I guess.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fishing at Carlsbad lagoon

Isaiah and I went fishing at the Carlsbad Lagoon. It was our first fishing experience in San Diego. We hauled in  a 12 inch Small Mouth and had a great time. I would ask Isaiah where the fish were and he would respond "dere daddy! The fish are in dere!" pointing to the middle of a bush. Isaiah also liked to pull the worms out of the bag and stretch them until they ripped in half. "broke it daddy." Looking forward to fishing more when Isaiah is a little bit older.