Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rockin the Watermelon!

Brooklyn going to town showing us her Spica/Watermelon moves! Isaiah joins the party and the fun begins. They love listening to toddler radio on Pandora. No necks were injured in the making of this video.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Isaiah's Questions?? and Horrifying statements!!

Isaiah is really starting to take in the world around him. He wants to know what everything is and his new favorite thing to say is, "What mom?" I won't even be talking and he will always come up to me and ask me, "What mom?" Well the other day he got out a box of tampons and started playing in them. Then he asked me "What are these mom?" I told them they were tampons and hoped he would be sufficed with that answer. Well he wasn't. He then asked, "what are they for?" I told them they were for girls. And still he wasn't satisfied. He then asked, "Well what do girls do with them?" I think I said something like, "Well they just use them" Haha! Good answer huh! I was starting to panic a little. Luckily he stopped asking me questions about that. Later on that day I was thinking about what a good answer would be for any future questions of the sort and I came up with, "You can learn more about that when you are older." So now hopefully I can remember that next time he asks me questions about things that I really don't want to answer.and hopefully he won't probe too much about stuff he is too young to learn about. :)

Then yesterday our home teachers came over after church and he kept asking what their names were over and over again. So after me telling him enough times that he finally got their names straight. He then looks and me and says, "Brother  ...... has a rectangle head!" He then started laughing and so did I because it was so unexpected. Then he said it again! I felt bad for laughing. I tried telling him that it wasn't funny and that we shouldn't call people names. I don't even know where he came up with that. And our home teacher doesn't have a rectangle shaped head at all! I felt bad though, because he is a younger guy who hasn't been home from his mission long. He is really quiet and lives here by himself. Anyway I felt bad because I know he heard him and I'm sure it didn't help raise his self esteem at all.

But worst of all was today while we were waiting in line at the pharmacy after a doctor visit. The pharmacy we go to is one affiliated with our insurance and is always packed full! Anyway we were waiting in the chairs while our prescription was being filled and the line to fill your prescription was right in front of us. Well as we were waiting a teenage girl and her mom got in line. The teenager had a big nose ring. Tattoos all over her arms and bright blonde hair in the front and rest rest of her hair was bright red. She is only like a foot or two away from us. Isaiah stars pointing at her and saying, "Mom is that a scary lady? Mom that's a scary lady! She has stuff on her mom. She has red hair! She has red hair like Ariel mom!" Seriously I about died. I wanted to crawl in a hole! I know she had to of heard him even though she didn't seem like she did. I did my best to get him to stop pointing and staring and told him we don't do that or say things like that and that she isn't scary. But really she did look pretty scary! Oh man! Then right after he stopped paying attention to that girl. He looks over to another lady in line. This lady was perfectly normal looking. She had dark curly hair and glasses and was wearing a red shirt. So then Isaiah starts saying, "Mom is that red lady scary? Mom that's a scary lady!" He kept saying that over and over and who knows if she heard. But seriously? I have no idea why he thought she was scary because she wasn't and I bet the girl with red hair still thought he was talking about her with her red hair! Oh man! I seriously wanted to die! Its pretty funny now! But man this boy and his talking are starting to get me into trouble, or at least make me feel horrible! Don't you just love the crazy things children say! :)

And one more funny thing that cracks me up lately Isaiah has been watching the movie Madagascar (not sure if it is the first or second one) anyway. There is a part on there where the penguins are trying to escape the zoo and dig a hole up through the pen of the Zebra (Marty). They are trying to dig a tunnel to Antarctica and they wind up there. So they say, "You didn't see anything..., RIGHT?!" Then they go back down their hole. So now Isaiah say's this to me all the time and it makes it sound like he is trying to get away with mischievous stuff all the time! It cracks me up. But now he has just started to say, "Right?" at the end of all of his questions. It cracks me up! The funniest part is that he says it just like the penguins do!