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Mystery at it's finest.....

Welcome to .... The Magic Show!

by the Great and Mysterious Isaiah

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brooky's 18 month old photos (a little late)

I am so far behind on this blog but I figured I better start somewhere. :) I also wanted to do a quick update with how everything is going with Brooklyn. I need to capture some of her sweetness on here that I have been taking so long to get around to.

Brooky turned 18 months old over a month ago so she is now 19 months coming up on 20 months, but I am going to post her 18 month photos that my friend took for me and tell you some of the new things she is up to lately. I think she did an awesome job of capturing all of Brooky and her sweet personality and her not so happy self...and her goofy faces. I love them all! :)

Sweet blue-eyed girl

She was not happy about this setup! But I love it anyway!

Still a little unhappy

funny face

Still mad! :)

Zaya wanted a few shots too! He is growing up so big!

Love my handsome man!

After we stopped and took a break and ate lunch she was super happy and all smiles again! :)

She liked playing peek-a-boo with the plates! Love it.

I just love these!

One of my favorites.

I love this face she does! She has been doing it a lot lately and it cracks me up! 

It makes me smile every time. :) I sure love this silly girl!

She is learning a lot of new words and will try and say different things when we say them to her now. So if we say "A" she will say "A" and copy the things we say. She doesn't pronounce everything the best, but at least she is trying! She loves to say hello, thank you (says this all the time, but will not say please) , hi, good bye, mama, here mom (whenever she hands me things), where's Isaiah?, and here I come. We have been playing a lot of peek-a boo and hide and seek. :) She is adding new words to her vocabulary every day now it seems.

She is starting to get around pretty good now, although I am getting anxious for her to be walking. Now that she weighs 23 lbs she is getting so heavy to carry everywhere! She does scoot on her bum all over the house! And she is really fast. It cracks me up! She is starting to crawl a little bit, but doesn't like it very much yet. I think with a bit more practice she will be crawling (as long as she makes up her mind that she likes it). She will get into crawling position and crawl forward just a bit and then revert back to scooting! She is now putting a little bit of weight on her legs, and will actually stand on them for about 30 seconds. And she is starting to pull herself up onto her knees up next to things. Her legs are definitely getting stronger and hopefully it won't be too much longer before she is walking.

She loves music and singing. Her favorite song that she sings is Twinkle Twinkly Little Star, but she only says, "Up above da world so high" and she sings that part over and over and over. :) She also loves doing the actions to Popcorn Popping and If You're Happy and You know it clap your hands. She loves dancing to music. She also loves watching movies and is constantly pointing to the TV saying Play or Push Play. That means she wants me to turn a movie on for her. :) Her favorite movies are Cinderella, Toy Story and Cars, although she likes lots of different ones.

She also loves to tease her brother and just yesterday she got a hold of the fly swatter and was swatting him with it. Well she could tell he didn't like it and she kept on getting him with it. He would get so mad and say, "Brooky I'm NOT a fly!" So she kept doing it because she was getting a raise out of him. She also likes to scoot over to him and say kick and then she will kick him while she is sitting on the floor. They are just soft little taps, so she isn't really hurting him, just teasing him! Too funny! She loves her brother and they have lots of fun playing together now that she can scoot around the house!

As far as the medical side of things she is doing well. We haven't had any more seizures although we came close again on Feb 20th. We are pretty sure now that it is low blood sugar that is causing her seizures, but only time will tell for sure, and more testing of course. So when she started showing the same signs that she was going to have a seizure we were able to get her blood sugar back up by forcing sugary apple juice down her with a medicine dropper and then luckily that brought her blood sugar back up enough that we escaped a seizure. I am convinced that she would have had another one had my mom not been here to help me syringe that juice down her! So scary. Oh and because she was sick at the time her MRI ended up getting canceled so that is put on hold while we explore the hypoglycemia to see what those results show.

We met with her pediatric endocrinologist today and she thinks she has some form of hypoglycemia...can't remember exactly what she called it. The only way to diagnose her with it though, is to rule out all the other things, and in order to do that we have to do the tests while her blood sugar is low. So it may be a little tricky. So now we get to monitor her blood sugar levels daily and make sure they don't get too low. If they drop below 65 then we have to take her to the ER so they can do the testing. And as crazy as this may all seem I am glad that it is something that seems like it can be controlled and we hopefully won't have to put her on her seizure medication! YAY! Keeping our fingers crossed! And at least we are getting somewhere with all of this. 

We sure love this little girl! She is growing up way too fast!