Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lots of Pictures

Now that the weather is better, we have been going outside and getting some sunshine! The snow is gone and spring is here. We decided to bring our camera and we took a bunch of pictures. My birthday was this week and Grandma and Grandpa Davis came for visit. We had a great time visiting and went to Firehouse Grill for dinner. I received two mufflers and a fishing knife for my birthday. Does it get any better than that?

Case, Rach, and Zaya out on the river

We tried to make Isaiah look like the guy on his hat

Isaiah trying to catch a fish

Rach and Isaiah at Snake River

Snake River

Casey trying to catch something. No luck this time

Rachel thought this was really cool. Overhanging snow

Grandma and Grandpa Davis with their grandson at Firehouse Grill

Isaiah decided to smile real big for the camera

Mom and her growing boy

Chubby boy smiling - Isaiah is 10 mos. old now

Isaiah always sleeps with his feet hanging out of his crib.

Some big feet for such a little boy

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Zaya having fun while recovering from RSV

Last Wednesday night Isaiah started coming down with a cold. It started getting worse so finally we decided to take him in to get looked at. It just had to be over the weekend! Anyway we found out he had RSV and the doctors sent us home with a nebulizer to help him with his breathing. He had a horrible cough and if his oxygen levels would have dropped 4 more % then he could have wound up in the hospital. He kept throwing up because the mucus kept upsetting his stomach and coughing so hard didn't help that at all. I was worried that he was going to get dehydrated because he didn't have much of an appetite and when he finally would eat he would throw it all back up! But now it has been a week and he is doing much much better! He still has a runny nose and cough but he is feeling much better! While recovering he enjoyed watching a little American Idol and Survivor with Mom and Dad. He also had a fun time hanging out with Aunt Mary. We are so glad our little boy is doing better and are very grateful for great doctors and the blessings the Lord sent our way.
Having fun with Aunt Mary and the Fingernail Polish
So innocent
Not so innocent...but still adorable!

Mesmerized with American Idol

Caught watching TV! Don't worry he only got to watch a few minutes. :)