Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brooklyn 8 months and Silly Zaya

Silly Zaya

Okay before I forget I have to write down some of the funny stuff Zaya has been saying lately! He cracks me up.  So just a minute ago he comes up to me and out of the blue he says, "Mom do I understand you?" And I said, "do you understand me?" and he said, "Yep". After Zaya does something and we explain something to him (usually after he has done something wrong) we say, "Do you understand me?" Like do you get that you are not supposed to do that!? So now every once in a while he will come up to me and say things like "Do you understand me mom?" It cracks me up!

Then yesterday we were just leaving in our car on our way to Legoland...(more about that in a post to come) and I said,"Okay Zaya we are all set. Are you ready to go to Legoland?" And he said, "Mom did you put on your makeup?" Like mom are you sure we are ready to go? I don't remember waiting for you to put on your makeup? But it totally came across the way he said it was like I would be embarrassed to be seen with you if you forgot to put on your makeup! It made me laugh so hard! :) I was so proud of myself for getting us all out the door so early in the morning and got up extra early to get ready, so I guess he never saw me put my makeup on. Silly boy!

The other night we were reading stories before bed and Zaya was sitting in the middle of the couch with Brooklyn on one side and me on the other side of him and we were reading his animal book. Well every 30 seconds or so Brooky would reach out to grab the book and every time Zaya would say to her very demandingly, "Wait a minute Brookyln. Wait a minute!" And then he would turn the page himself. It was funny because he usually calls her Brooky, not Brooklyn. And he just wanted to turn the page, instead of her. :)

On Monday night I asked Zaya what he wanted to do for FHE (Family Home Evening). He said he wanted to read the Book of Mormon. We thought that was a good idea. So he ran back to the bedroom to grab one of the several copies that the missionaries have given him. (He asks for one almost every time they come over it seems.) So we decided to read some verses in the beginning of Helaman. We would read him a fed words and then he would say them back to us. We were reading and got to  Ch.1 Vs. 4 that goes like this "Now these are not all the sons of Pahoran (for he had many), but these are they who did contend for the judgement-seat; therefore they did cause three divisions among the people." After we read the part that says "all the sons of Pahoran (for he had many)" Isaiah said, "Pahorn had too many horns!" Then he starts cracking up and laughing so hard. He thought he was so funny. We are trying to stay reverent and keep reading trying to ignore his funny little joke and then we get to the part where it says, judgement-seat and he says, "judgement seat belt!" And then he starts laughing so hard again. By this point we are all laughing hysterically including Brooklyn because she always laughs at her brother when he laughs. So then Zaya though he was so funny that after almost every word he would add in the word swimming suit. He thought he was so funny and it was probably not the most reverent FHE but at least we were all spending quality family time together and enjoying one another's company. And it made for a good laugh!

He is really starting to be a little jokester and thinks he is so funny! And he loves to try and scare us all the time too! He always does something and then will say, "Did I scare you mom?" He never has gotten me yet, but he did scare his dad the other day! :) Casey is worried that he might grow up to be a little jokester like his Uncle Peter. :)

He also says the phrase "Oh Dear" all the time which is really funny and recently started saying "I'm so sorry" any time anything happens. For example he will say this when he barely bumps into a chair. If I slam on the breaks in the car, or if he drops his puppy pillow and lots of other times. It is so funny. He says it over the funniest stuff and is so sincere when he says it. I'm glad he is so polite! LOL!

Then another funny one was we were taking a walk at night (we went to get the mail) and we saw a motorcycle on the way back. So I was telling him how motorcycles are cool but they are dangerous and so we have to be careful. Then he said, "Grandpa is going to get a motorcycle when he gets older." Then he proceeded to say, "Is Grandpa in Latvia?" And I told him he was. I asked him what Grandpa was doing in Latvia and he said, "Getting baptized." But when he says baptized it sounds like bagtized. I guess he was on the right track since Grandpa Davis is on a mission in Latvia. :) And I guess he isn't quite old enough to have a motorcycle! LOL!

Okay and this is the last one I can think of. I used to have a big problem with Isaiah raiding the freezer every time I take a shower and he would help himself to the chocolate chips. So I finally taught him his lesson and told him that because he did that next time he wanted a treat he wouldn't be able to have one. After doing that a couple of times it worked and now every time after I am done showering he always makes it a point to come and tell me that he didn't get into the chocolate chips. He will say, "I am so proud of you for not getting in the chocolate chips." So he still realizes he could get into them but decides to make me proud instead and doesn't eat them any more. I just think it is so funny that he has to tell me it every time I get out. I guess they are still a big temptation for him. :)

And here he is one day he decided to find the ring that goes in the microwave to make the food turn and he got it out and put it on his head like a crown. I thought is was too funny! He really is starting to get his own little imagination.


Since I just barely updated on Brooky not too long ago there isn't too much new to say besides that this week she learned how to roll over with her Brace on! She has done it before when I take it off to change her diaper, but never while it was on. She is making progress and hopefully it won't hold her back too much! I guess she is determined to move and is going to do it whether she is wearing the brace or not. :) 

Also she has started on a few "real" foods. The other day we were eating some little mandarin oranges and Casey let her have a little lick of one. Well once she got a taste of it she wanted more. So he gripped that orange section as tight as he could and she started sucking on it like it was a bottle. She thought is tasted so good. So then when we were eating another one at the park she saw me peeling one for Zaya and she knew what it was and kept reaching for it. So I gave her some tiny tiny pieces so she wouldn't choke. She loved it. I have also given her a few pieces of cheddar cheese and she loves that too! But besides the little star puffs those are the only things she has tried so far. 

Here are a few more pictures of her at 8 months. She is growing up way too fast! She is my sweet little girl and I just want her to stay that way. But I guess they have to grow up whether we like it or not. :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Isaiah + Brooklyn = Buddies (Plus more Fun Stuff)

Once I get behind on updating our blog I am never sure if I should do several posts or one big post...this time I decided to throw it all together into one post on all that we have been up to the past month. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I get a little carried away sometimes. :) Oh and sorry it took so long to get these pics up! I finally found the camera under the bed and the cord that Isaiah hauled off with. :) 

If you notice all the pictures that have both Isaiah and Brooklyn in them together they are all smiles and having such a good time being together! They really do get along well most the time, which is such a huge blessing!

Bath Time
These kids love bath time and I love pictures of them in and out of the bath, because that seems to be when I can catch the best smiles from both of them. 

Brooklyn sits up so well now that I have started to let her sit up in the tub. They both absolutely love to take baths and they love to splash each other. Because Brooky gets to take her brace off for baths she loves that she can move everywhere! So she splashes like crazy especially when I lay her down. So Zaya splashes her back and they just have a hay-day splashing each other while I make sure Zaya doesn't get too carried away. If one kid needs a bath, they both get a bath, because Zaya won't let me give Brooky a bath without begging to get in too. So I guess for now, it is okay to let them bathe together. :)

Brooklyn's 7 month pictures (taken 1 day late)

These kiddos are so happy together and they are really starting to be good buds. Now that Brooky is not quite so boring (to Isaiah) and interacting more now, he gives her more attention and she relishes every second of time he spends with her. He can make her smile more than anyone else and it is the best thing to hear them laugh at each other. It makes all the hard days of being a mom worth it! 
I LOVE this picture of them! Finally a good one with them both looking and smiling!
Zaya's hair is kinda long in these pictures! He absolutely hates getting his hair cut, so I let it get as long as I can stand it before I have to battle him for a hair cut! He is deathly afraid of the clippers and the scissors. I ask him which one he would rather have and he always answers, "Just the comb mom." Too bad the comb can't cut hair. And too bad he throws a huge fit if I take him somewhere too. Even if they offer balloons, candy and all the fun things you can think of it doesn't help. He screams the whole time. So it is better to just cut it myself and save us the embarrassment and the money. I have to hurry really fast and can do a decent job, but he doesn't let me trim around the edges very well. So I am always looking at him thinking his hair could use some help. Oh well. Hopefully one of these days soon he will not be afraid any more and enjoy getting his hair cut like his daddy. :) 

Trip to San Diego Botanical Gardens
Every first Tuesday of the month the Botanical Garden has free admittance so I decided to go and take the kids. Besides I can't resist a beautiful garden and even better bonus all our friends from play group came too. Since we go to the park for play group every Tuesday, we decided we would go to the gardens on this Tuesday. This was our first time to the Gardens and Isaiah loved it too, even though it was a bit of a cold day. 

 He loved to ride and sit on the turtles and dinosoars

We thought this grass horse was pretty neat! 
Only one of many beautiful pictures of the gardens! I have to go back again sometime! The horticulturist  in me was so in love with this place. I have to take Case there sometime!
All the kids thought the fish in the pond were really cool.

The giant tree house that was in the children's garden.  Zaya had a blast climbing and playing in this thing and the other cool areas they had in the children's garden.
He kept sitting here and pretending like he was driving his car with the window rolled down. Now whenever we go anywhere he always wants his window rolled ALL THE WAY DOWN! He was also pretending to drive this like it was Grandpa's jeep..
Gaby (One of  Zaya's best friend  here), Zaya, and Brooky. 

 Just some everyday fun photos

She loves playing with this toy and her little piano.

 Brooklyn's Photo shoot while Zaya was sleeping. :)
This one is my favorite I think. :)

She is constantly playing with her toes and if she has socks on she will  pull on them!

She is always bending over like this lately trying to go somewhere or grab something that is out of reach. She usually falls over and then is frustrated because then she can't go anywhere from there. I can tell she is starting to get frustrated that she can't move around more. But despite all of this she is still always happy and smiling!

These hilarious faces crack me up!

Fun on Daddy's Birthday
Case turned 28 and we had a nice low-key birthday which is exactly how he likes it. He doesn't like big surprises or parties for his birthday. But a birthday isn't a birthday to me, or Isaiah without a few streamers and balloons so Zaya helped me decorate the house a little bit. We went to a steak house for dinner and then came back and had pie and ice cream. Isaiah was convinced that we needed cupcakes for Daddy's birthday but after explaining to him several times that daddy likes pie, not cake he was finally okay with the idea and happy that we got to have ice cream too! :) He also had fun helping dad blow out the candles. After dessert we had fun playing dress up with the streamers. We didn't get too many pics on the camera before the battery died. The rest of the pics are on Casey's phone. We were dressing up like Indian warriors...then daddy said we looked liked Ninjas and that I looked like a hippy because my hair was curly! :) Now Isaiah calls Brooky a "little enja" and himself a "big enja." That is how he pronounces the word Ninja! Anyway we had a really fun time playing dress up with the streamers and the kids didn't want to go to bed after all the fun!

My cute "enja" with her pretty blue eyes! 
If you look close in this picture you can see her two little bottom teeth! I just love this girl!
My cute little Ninja and her "Hippy" mom. I finally get a good picture of us together and we have these dumb streamers on our heads! LOL! Oh well at least we were having lots of fun! I really need to try and get more pictures with myself and the kids instead of just the kids with each other.

Its been a great month full of lots of fun and smiles. Oh and also we are scheduled to see Brooky's Orthopedist one more time on April 25th. Then if still necessary we are scheduled for her surgery on May 9th. So we will keep you all posted on what happens, but for now we are just praying that everything works out well! :)  

Friday, March 9, 2012

My Brooky 7 Months

Wow time has been flying by and I can't believe my little Brooky turned 7 months. And that was a few weeks ago! I have been meaning to get the pictures uploaded, but until then I thought I better at least post an update of what is going on. I'll start with the good stuff.

My sweet girl has two little teeth on the bottom now. Didn't seem to give her too much trouble coming in either. She got her first tooth on February 28th. And the second one came in about a week or so later.

She set a new record two nights ago and slept 12 hours straight through the night! She has been sleeping through the night for about a month or so now, but this is the longest she has ever gone. :)

She is still as sweet and lovable as ever and we can't get enough of the joy and happiness she brings into our home. She still enjoys flailing her arms everywhere and rocking back and forth when she is excited. I guess that is what you do when you are limited in your movement the way she is. She also does this really funny smacking thing with her lips when you feed her. She kind of sucks her lower lip under and then smacks. It is really funny. She won't put any wait on her legs, or hardly any. Her hair is getting longer and she is still my sweet little rolly polly. :)

Hip Update
On her 7 month birthday we took Brooky back in to the the Orthopedist for her check up and we were really hoping that she was going to be able to get out of her brace. (Her pediatrician made it sound like we might get it off and the ortho said the previous visit that it was possible also.) Instead we were given other news. Her hip has made progress from the last time we visited the doctor, but it still isn't quite where it should be. (It is about 2 standard deviations away from where it should be at this point.) They aren't sure if this is because the hip is still dislocating or if it is because they just can't get a clear enough x-ray because she wiggles too much during the x-rays. So the ortho recommends that we put her to sleep and put a needle up into her hip socket and inject some dye so that we can get a clearer picture of what is going on.

The paper work for all of this to get set up is going through. I got a call from the doctors yesterday wanting more information so they can set us up an appointment for the surgery. The doctor told us it would take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to get her in for this. The lady on the phone yesterday confirmed this. So we should be getting a call next month sometime to get the surgery scheduled. The surgery will probably take place sometime in May.

The hard part about all of this is not knowing what is going to happen. Since it takes so long for us to get in for surgery there is a chance that her hip could heal itself by then and she may not need surgery. They may still want to do the dye injection though just to make sure? But regardless we have to set it up in case her hip isn't making progress.

If when they go in to do the dye injection and they find there is a problem then they will (immediately if necessary do surgery) and put a cast on her to set her hips in place.(since she would already be under anesthesia) If she has to do this the doctor said she would be in the cast for 6 months!!!! I am hoping he meant 6 weeks, but who knows? Anyway the cast is called a spica cast and goes from basically her nipples all the way to her ankles. They just leave a small opening to diaper her through! She will only be allowed to take sponge baths.

So we are hoping and praying that she wont have to have surgery, but we have to prepare for it anyway, just in case she does. So it could be a long while before she is through with all of this. Poor girl. I hope not though, because I really just want her to be able to start learning how to crawl and walk. I can tell that she is already starting to get frustrated a little bit that she can't move around more. I keep trying to be positive through this all but it is really hard when you really don't know exactly what is going to happen and how long all of this is going to take.

Either way we are just happy to have this sweet girl in our home and have faith that everything will work out according to Heavenly Father's plan. Even if it may or may not be how we want it. :)

I will try and get some pictures up soon. :)