Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brooky's New Pink Spica Cast

Okay I got some pictures of this girl in her new pink spica cast! Her cast is a combo of plaster and fiberglass, just like last time. She has bounced right back today and is back to her normal self after her cast change yesterday. She seems happy as always just like before and her big smiles prove it! Despite the fact that I noticed this girl has stab marks all over her hands and wrists and foot. I guess she must have been dehydrated from fasting. She went pretty much 12 hours without eating or drinking anything before going in for her cast change. She could have had something to drink at midnight or clear liquids up until 4:00, but she never wakes up in the night, so she just ate a big dinner, went down for the night and then I guess they couldn't get the IV in very well because she has 3 marks on one wrist, I think 2 on the other 2 on the back of one hand and one on her foot and then one where they finally got it in in the back of her other hand. Good think she was already asleep so she didn't have to feel all of that stabbing! Good grief! Poor girl. But I don't think they had to put the tube down her throat this time, because she wasn't raspy at all this time like she was last time! So that was good!

I still need to line her new cast opening with duct tape, but other than that I think we are pretty much good to go. This cast works fine in our stroller (which is the Phil & Ted dash model). What a relief! We use the back part that is used for the second child and hook it in the front position and it works perfect. Then I can still fit some groceries in the it has saved us! We wouldn't be able to get out without a good stroller and so glad this one works so well for us. I will have to get some good pics of her in her stroller to put on here. For those wondering how it works. I can't wait til she is out of her cast though and we can fit both kids in the stroller like it is supposed to. :)

So she fits in her stroller but her cast is so fat this time that her little ivyrosespika chair (aka our watermelon chair) lid won't fit on properly. So we are going to need to do something about that. :) Here are the pics of her in her new cast...which by the way is 4 lbs heavier than the last one because she weighed 26 lbs when she was in her other cast and now she weighs 30! They plastered this cast a ton I guess!

See how the opening of the lid isn't big enough to fit around her now, so the lid isn't on right.

She still fits on the little perch, just the lid doesn't fit anymore. :(

My sweet pink cherry!

Love this smile!

She is so happy! I love it!

Love this goofy little tongue! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Brooky!

Brooky turned 1 year old on Monday! She had a fun simple little birthday. She pretty much slept the whole day! I'm not sure if she was worn out from church the day before or if she is going through a growth spurt, or  maybe a combination of both, but she slept so much! She didn't wake up until 9:00am. Then she went back down for her nap at 10:00 and slept until 1:20. Then she went back to sleep at 4:00pm and slept til 6:00pm. After sleeping in and then napping for almost 5 1/2 hours she was finally ready to party! While she was nice and happy and rested we took her outside to take some cute pictures. Then we came in and had dinner opened presents. Then we waited for Uncle Jeff and Aunt Yolanda to show up so we could have cake and ice cream. They just happened to be in town for Jeff's work, so it was fun to see them, although by the time they got here both the kids were ready for bed, so they didn't get to see them too much! But I think even though we just had a simple family was perfect for my sweet girl. Lots of sleep and chocolate cake sound like the perfect birthday to me! :)

Enjoy all the pictures! I couldn't I just put up lots! :)

She liked tasting her streamers. :)

Zaya liked playing Ninja

And peek a boo!

This picture reminds me a lot of the one of zaya on his first birthday. I can't find it right now though...

Opening presents

Her first little ponytail and her new dolly!

Her not so pretty was supposed to say Brooky 1. But the rushed sprinkles didn't work so well, especially with Isaiah helping me. :) It tasted good though.

Getting ready to blow out the candle (which Isaiah helped her with.) 

Loving every bit of that cake!

Shoving some cake in!

Cracks me up how she only eats with her right hand. The left one only gets dirty if she uses it to try and get food off of her face with it or if she can only reach the food from that side of her chair. :)

Now that she is one year old she has three bottom teeth, long enough hair to make a little ponytail on top, and is still saying about the same amount of words as last month. She is not walking or crawling yet, but for good reason I guess. :) She is my sweet sweet girl that is very resilient, strong, and cute as can be! We love her to pieces! And are so happy that she got to get a new cast just two days after her birthday...kinda like a late birthday gift. :)

Spika Cast #2

Today Brooky got her old cast off and her new cast on. After 10 weeks in the old cast we were more than happy to be getting a fresh cast. Her old cast was getting quite smelly. She handled it like a champ just like she does pretty much everything. She is so resilient it amazes me! Everything went smoothly and they didn't have to do anything surgery wise this time because everything looked good. So basically they just cut off the old cast. Then they took her, and put her to sleep and then put on the new cast once they determined everything was still good. She did not like having them cut her cast off! The sound of the cast saw scared her to death and she cried the whole time. I'm not sure why they didn't just wait and do it after they put her to sleep? Then she wouldn't have been so traumatized. I mean they were putting her to sleep anyway, so why not? I guess they were just trying to speed things up so we could get out of there faster. She was fine once I could pick her up again though.

This time we requested a pink cast. Last time we didn't request anything and they put a white one on her. I have had so many people ask me, "What happened to HIM?" And I think to myself...really? Does she really look like a boy? So this time we asked for a pink cast and we got a bright pink cast! So now hopefully it will be a little easier to keep clean and won't look quite so grungy looking, it is so much cuter for a girl, and hopefully people wont think she is a boy anymore! Although I do think we did a pretty good job of caring for her cast and not letting it get to filthy all things considered. :) 

This is a picture of her the day she got her first cast on. See how fresh and white it was?

This is her cast right before getting it off. It was kinda grungy, but really not too bad for a 1 year old and being in it for 10 weeks! Look at how much those little legs grew in 10 weeks. Probably half an inch at least! See how much farther her legs stick out of the cast than when it was first put on?

Happy as can be especially for waking up at 5:00am and going to the hospital!

Daddy got to gear up and go back with her while they were putting her to sleep.

She was wearing daddy's hat for fun. :)

This was where they cut the cast. It was so thick they couldn't get it completely off right then. They sawed down each side of the cast and then basically would pop it off. We were joking that it was kind of like her hatching our of an egg shell. :) You can also see her doctor's initials on her left leg.

Just before going back

All the pictures of her in her new cast are on Casey's phone (which I don't have at the moment) and she is still super sleepy from the stay tuned and you will see more pics of her new cast soon to come.

Summer Fun!

So far this summer we haven't done anything super exciting since our big trip is still coming up. Somehow we have managed to have a little fun regardless of not really going anywhere. Here is what we have been up to:

Dad was supposed to be getting Brooky ready for church. Her hair is getting long on top and he was having fun making it into a Mohawk. 

Good thing she decided to skip the rock concert and come to church instead. :)

Just a cute pic of Brooky thinking about something.

We made Madagascar Jello jigglers. Zaya thought it was a blast.

He loves any kind of treats if you can't tell. :)

4th of July!

Enjoying being at the breakfast the stake held at our church.

It was really yummy. They had crepes, pancakes, waffles, eggs, fruit, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, and all sorts of stuff. They even made dessert crepes at the end!

They had a bike parade for the kids. We didn't bring zaya's trike, so he had fun following around his friend and watching everyone else.

Do you see how happy he is even though he doesn't have anything to ride?

And here is why...I think he drank at least three cups of juice for breakfast and spilled lots of it on himself too. :)

He loved sitting and watching this dog.

Later in the day our friends the Zinnegers had us over for a BAR-B-Q and fireworks. We were going to swim too, but it turned out to be a cold day. I think that is one of the first times it has been cold for me on the 4th of July. Then we watched the fireworks after dark. Brooky did well until some people let some off not too far from us. Then she just couldn't take any more, so we went home and put her to bed. It was a nice fun relaxing day and it was fun to be able to have dad home to relax with us instead of going to work.

 A few of the fireworks

We have fun enjoying the pool whenever we can. It is hard for me to take both kids to the pool because I can't be in the water with Zaya and helping Brooky on the side at the same time, so it is nice when our friends can come over and swim with us.
Zaya excited to go swimming.

Getting in the water

Hanging on to the edge.

Brooky enjoying the beautiful day.

Enjoying a go-gurt by the pool

Happy even though she can't get in the water. :) Her three little teeth crack me up.

I made some chocolate pudding and had to give her some to try. I didn't want to make her a chocolate cake for her birthday if she didn't like chocolate. Sure enough...she likes it! :)

Sweet girl! Stay tuned for pictures of her eating her chocolate birthday cake.