Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finally an update!

Rachel and I have been very busy lately. With both of us going to school, midterms, homework, class projects, work, and caring for a 9 month old little boy is a lot of work! Isaiah is 9 months now and is full of energy. He hasn't quite learned to crawl yet. Actually, he really can crawl. The only problem is he can only crawl backwards! When he tries to reach for something he gets frustrated because he moves backwards. Its sort of an army crawl in reverse. He is also able to move around in circles. With a bit of help, Isaiah loves to walk but still can't crawl forward.

Rachel visited the doctor the other day, for Zaya's annual check up. We found out some funny facts about our little boy. His weight is in the 20th percentile, his length is in the 50th percentile, but his head is in the 90th percentile! So he is really skinny with a bigger than average head! No wonder he can't crawl, his head is too big! He is now 18 lbs and 1 oz and his height is 28 1/4 inches long. So he is really getting to be a big boy.
The other day I was proud of our little boy because he finally said "mama." He has been saying "dada" for a few months now, but he finally said mama. Which made mama very happy. He also started clicking his tongue on the roof of his month. It makes a sort of popping noise.
As far as eating goes Zaya likes pretty much anything we feed him. Altoughh the other day Rach went to feed him a jar of mac and cheese and the first bite he ate he got a funny look on his face and started gagging. He gagged for about a minute and then he threw up mac and cheese all over the place. Rach thought it was funny because she thought that mac and cheese would be his favorite.

Zaya at 9 months

Zaya at 9 months

We are hoping to put more posts up as soon as the weight of school lightens a bit.