Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exciting news and much needed update!

Okay I realize it is February now and Valentines day is almost here, and I haven't posted anything about what we have been up to since before Thanksgiving. So here there really is a lot to catch up with. The biggest reason I haven't posted anything is because for the past few months I have been really sick. Yes I am pregnant again! We are so excited! And Zaya can't wait to have a new little brother or sister.

 I was really hoping that this time around would be easier and that I wouldn't get too sick like I did with Isaiah. I guess all that hoping and wishing didn't get me too far, because I was probably just about as sick with this one as the previous pregnancy. The only difference was I started to get really sick like a week later (7 weeks). Also I only threw up about 2 times a day instead of 3-4, also I was able to keep things down a lot better so instead of losing 10 lbs the first trimester I stayed about the same. All in all it was still awful and I am really surprised we are all still alive. I am not sure we would have made it through all of this had our families not been such a huge help. It made such a big difference having them here to help out. (My family was here for about 4 days during Christmas and Casey's parents came to help for 1 1/2 weeks about three weeks ago.) I don't think we would have made it without them. Thanks again so much you guys. I don't know if you realize how much you really helped. I am finally starting to feel much better, but haven't quite made it to my goal of one week without throwing up. I am hoping I will make it this week. I think if I can get past one week I will be in the clear. Oh and next time I am planning to get medicine right away if I start feeling sick! I don't care if it costs me all my money, I will do it if it helps! Okay enough of my thoughts on how I really do hate the first trimester of pregnancy. Although it has been a rough few months we really are excited to have a new little one on the way and can't wait to find out what we are having. I am due July 23rd and am about 15 1/2 weeks along right now. So it shouldn't be too much longer before we find out what we are having. I will be going in in a few days for another appointment and then they will schedule my ultrasound sometime after that. We haven't thought of any names yet. I think it will be a little easier once we can just narrow it down to a girl or boy. 

Some cute/funny things Isaiah has learned to say lately: "Mama's sick" "Mama's sleeping." "Mama's tired." "Mama's gonna have-a baby!" "Baby in there (He will point to my belly and say this)." I think after me being sick for so long he doesn't remember what it is like for me to be "myself". The other day I wasn't showing him any signs of being sick, tired, or sleepy and he just said, "mama's sick." I told him that mama is getting better and that I am not sick anymore. He is too funny. He really is talking up a storm now and I have heard him say up to 5 words in a sentence. He loves talking and always tells us what is on his mind. Oh he also knows how to count from 1-10. I have heard him do it several times perfectly, but sometimes he still says it out of order. He can also recognize every letter in the alphabet and can sing the song almost all the way through by himself. He does need a little help here and there though. He is just growing up so fast and getting so smart. I guess it is a good thing there is another baby on the way. :) Oh two other things I remember him doing or saying that just cracked me up that I have to post before I forget. About two weeks ago or so I was making some eggs for breakfast and Isaiah always wants to see what I am doing when i am cooking in the kitchen. So I decided to stand him on the chair so he could watch me. So I had the carton of eggs sitting out on the counter and I started cracking an egg into the bowl. The next thing I knew Zaya had grabbed an egg out of the carton and was lightly banging in on the counter. (He was trying to crack it open, just like he had just seen me do. ) I just started laughing because it was so funny. Luckily I still needed that egg and he didn't break it all the way open,  he just got it started for me. I took him down off of the chair after that so he wouldn't try to crack open the whole carton of eggs. Anyway I just thought it was so cute how he was trying to help me and what a little copy cat he is. :) I guess that is how they learn. 

Okay the other funny story is a few days ago Casey needed to run to his office at night to grab a few things that he needed that he had left there. So we all decided to go for a little drive. His office is located kind of by the Vegas strip. So on our way back from leaving the office Isaiah saw all of the lights from the strip and he started saying "nights, nights!" He can't say his L's very well so he says it like that instead of lights. He was so excited in his car seat and then he said, "Christmas Ti-i-i-i-me!" I wish I had a recording of this it was so hilarious how excited he was. He kept saying it over and over and the funny thing was he kept saying time so exaggerated saying the I like a little stutter. It is kinda hard to explain exactly how it sounded but it was so funny! I guess he was just really excited for Christmas time and all those lights on the strip reminded him of Christmas Lights! Too funny.

Okay this post is starting to get really long and since I don't have any pictures on this computer I will have to update you on our holidays at another time. Stay posted. I am not really sure how many pictures we got of Christmas and Thanksgiving, but I know we got a few. Hope you are all doing well. Come back soon to see some pictures and more updates.