Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moving and More

March has been a crazy month! We were able to buy a house here in Las Vegas and moved in on the first of the month. We found out the same day that we moved in that we are having a baby GIRL! So lots of exciting and fun things going on. We have been busy unpacking and moving into our new home. We also celebrated Casey's birthday. We went out to eat at Famous Dave's and afterward went to Bass Pro Shop. Zaya had lots of fun going up and down the elevator and escalator  (Zaya calls them eli-gator and esca-gator) while dad shopped for his fishing birthday stuff. We also had fun looking at their fish tank that has a huge sturgeon! We also had fun at the  fish aquarium and looking at all the real stuffed animals and the waterfalls. Zaya loves the Bass Pro shop I think just about as much as his dad!. I like it because there is lots to do there to keep Zaya entertained while dad takes forever looking for huge fishing lures. :) After the Bass Shop we went home and had Casey's request of Brownies and Ice Cream. Zaya had been practicing singing the happy birthday song, but by this time was too tired to sing it to his daddy. He still had fun watching his dad blow out all those candles though! Isaiah loves birthdays too! He was so excited to help daddy open his presents. As soon as Casey got home from work, all Zaya would say was, "open presents dad!"  He had a lot of fun celebrating Casey's birthday and I am sure he is going to have a blast once his birthday rolls around.

We also had the pleasure of having Casey's parents and sister come down to visit us with Bailey and Nick too. Zaya had lots of fun playing "ready set go" with Bailey and I think they ran up and down the hallway at least a hundred times. We also had fun going to the park right by our house. It is an awesome park that has a huge hill you can climb and look out over Las Vegas. Also thanks again Karen for helping me with the drapes! I love how good they turned out and know I never would have got those up without your least not for a long time!

Okay now here is something really hilarious that Zaya did last night. The elder's quorum presidency came over last night to welcome us to the ward and visit and Isaiah was running around being his goofy self. Then he did a little toot (which no one heard) and he says "I tooted". So then we all look at him and start to to smile and then he rips a huge toot! I mean really loud and he says again "I tooted." He always does this when he toots and it really makes you laugh but I think I turned bright red out of embarrassment. It was so funny though. I guess I am just glad it happened with the elder's quorum and not the Relief Society! :)
Also lately zaya loves climbing inside the clothes dryer and shutting himself in. He loves "driving the car" Which is just sitting in the front seat and steering. He would do this for hours if we let him. He also loves to go shopping and he says all the names of the stores we go to. My favorite is Mall Mart. (That is how he says Wal-Mart. :)

Anyway that is what we have been up to this past month. I can't believe March is already over! Before I know it July will be here and we will have another little one on our hands to keep us very busy. :)

Zaya with Dad on Casey's B-Day

Helping dad with his presents

Zaya having fun at the aquarium at Bass Pro Shop

Cool Rays

Showing the fish to some lady

Getting in for a closer look

Some of the real stuffed animals there

The huge sturgeon in the fresh water tank

Me 23 weeks along with baby girl. No names yet. Sorry

I know I may not look that big to you, or maybe I do, but I feel huge! Probably because I was just a little bigger than this when I had Isaiah!

The outside of our new house. More pictures of inside to come soon.

View from the top of the mountain by our house.

Zaya having fun at the top of the hill. He loved the flash blinding his eyes. :)