Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zaya's Birthday!!

This year for Isaiah's birthday I made him a big chocolate layer cake! He loves chocolate so what better than a huge chocolate cake for his birthday? It was the first layer cake I have ever made and am happy to say it turned out really good! He loves seeing the candles in the cake, but he still hasn't quite figured out how to blow strong enough to blow them out, so we had to help him. I decorated the house with streamers so that when he woke up from his nap he would be surprised! He thought they were pretty neat. I also made him BBQ hot dogs because he loves anything barbecue and he loves hot dogs! They were a big hit as well, but he wasn't a huge fan of the potato salad. He loved the balloons daddy brought home and had a blast playing with them! He loved pulling on the strings and then watching them go back up to the ceiling. The day after his birthday he discovered that the latex ones were fun to sit on. He had a blast and then kept asking me to find the balloon after it popped! Silly boy. We were going to take him to the park to play, but after he got his tricycle he just wanted to ride that around the whole time. We had a great time celebrating his birthday. I can't believe he is two already! My how the time flies. The whole day on his birthday he kept talking about chocolate presents and chocolate cupcakes. He is too funny! He also loved it every time we would sing him happy birthday or someone would call to wish him a happy birthday! He is getting so grown up and very independent. Thanks for all the birthday cards and gifts grandmas and grandpas!! He had just as much fun opening his cards as he did his presents!

My first layer cake

He kept calling it a big chocolate cupcake!

Happy boy on his big day!

He also loved the Happy Birthday sign and kept pointing to all the letters and naming them all.

This smile cracks me up!

Opening his presents!

Trying on his new sunglasses

Dad wanting to try on a pair too. :) They actually kinda fit! :)

His new helmet

Riding his tricycle for the first time!

He hasn't quite got the concept of how to peddle yet, but he had lots of fun just pushing it around too!

Getting ready to blow out his candles.

Bouncing on his balloons.

Balloon couldn't take it anymore...and popped!

Zaya sad...he kept telling me to find the balloon and asking where it went. :)

Realizing there was still one left to bounce on. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Isaiah has loved Easter. I think his favorite part was at the ward easter egg hunt when he discovered that there is delicious little candies hidden inside the eggs. He also had a blast coloring eggs and eating all the Easter candy. His favorite are "chocolate eggies." Any chocolate candy that is shaped like an egg. He also loved the suckers and jellybeans. We also had fun doing our own Easter egg hunt at home and eating ham and special potatoes for Easter dinner. We tried to get him to understand the real meaning of Easter, but all he could think about was candy. I guess that is probably normal at this age. :)

Getting ready for the hunt

Gathering his eggs

He got a nice little basket full

Coloring eggs

He also colored his hands. :)

It was much more fun to just pull the egg out of the dye with his hands I guess. :)

Beautiful bright colored eggs with Sesame Street stickers.

Zaya on Easter morning

Checking out what the Easter bunny brought

He looks a little disappointed. I think it is because I told him he had to wait util after breakfast to eat the candy.

He got a chocolate bunny, lots of candy filled eggs and some baseball caps to keep the sun off his head.

Don't miss the post right after this one that tells all the fun things we have been up to lately!

April Fun!

April went by so quickly and I can't believe May is here and almost halfway over. I guess it must be because we have had so many fun things going on. They always say, "time flies when you are having fun"!  We were able to enjoy conference at the beginning of April. Isaiah still asks to watch the prophet on TV. It is really funny. During conference break Casey was making himself some fishing lures. He was using my bright colored fingernail polish to paint some of them and Isaiah just happened to get a hold of the blue one and quick as a flash started putting it on like makeup. I guess he thought it was mascara or something. I was freaking out a little because I didn't know how I was going to get it off, but luckily it came off with a little warm water, but not before Isaiah started rubbing it and it started to flake off and crumble in his eye, which caused further rubbing. Luckily no harm seems to have been done, but I was pretty worried at first. Silly boy, I thought he might have a blue eye for a while.

I also got to celebrate my birthday which was really fun. I had a doctor appointment that day which went really well and was the fastest one yet. Then we all went out to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was delicious and Isaiah was even well behaved, which made it all the more enjoyable. Casey bought me some wonderful gifts including potted succulents and Larkrise to Candleford season 3. I was also able to buy a rocking chair with some of the birthday money that I received and am so excited to use it even more once this little girl gets here. Isaiah already loves reading stories in it and if he ever catches me just sitting in it and relaxing he will go and get a story for me to read to him. :) Thanks again everyone for all the birthday wishes and gifts.

We also found a fun little place to go mini golfing not too far from our house. Isaiah had a blast throwing the balls around the golf course and dancing to the music that they had playing in the background. It was tons of fun!

We also celebrated Easter and I will do a separate post on this one.

This past weekend (in March) we went to the San Genaro Feast/ Festival that Las Vegas has every year. We had a lot of fun going around to all of the different booths. Isaiah enjoyed all the goodies (chocolate covered strawberries, Italian sausages, and lemonade) and he loved riding on the pony. He wanted to ride the black one, but then in the middle of the ride he kept saying, "get down now" and it was because he wanted to try riding all of the other brown ponies. I think he just wanted a turn on every pony. I was surprised that he actually liked it and wasn't afraid at all. We had a lot of fun and we will probably continue to go every year.

I think that is about all we have been up to lately oh ya, and Casey and I just got called to be the cub scout leaders over the wolves in our ward. We are excited, but have no idea what we are doing yet. I am sure we will figure it out though, and it should be fun.

Blue nail-polish eye
Close up shot, it is even on his eyelashes
Case making his homemade fishing lures
I think they are called buck tail jigs. :)

Me on my birthday

Birthday shot with my sweet Zaya

Watching sesame street or some other you tube video with dad

I love this picture because Zaya is not a snuggly little boy at all!

Going golfin'

Zaya even got a hole in one on the first hole, but it was by throwing the ball down the putting green. :)

Riding the black pony

San Genaro Feast pony ride 

Chocolate covered smile
Sporting moms high heels.
He loves wearing all my shoes, but high heels are his favorite because of the load noises they make when he walks.

Zaya sporting more high heels

Looking a little ashamed or something. (Actually he was just really tired getting home from 2:00 church). This  picture just cracks me up so I had to post it. :)