Friday, May 21, 2010

Isaiah turned one!

So it has been forever since I last posted! Things have been so crazy with school and everything else going on. Isaiah turned one year old on May 16th. Happy Birthdya Zaya! This past year has just flown by! I can't beleive how much he has changed and learned in just the short time we have had him in our home. One thing is for sure...we LOVE this boy! He finally started crawling and is starting to get really good at it. No longer does he try and do the army crawl with his belly dragging on the ground. He is also pulling himself up to everything, and loves to walk around all the furniture and walls. He will take about 5 steps on his own while walking inbetween Casey and I. It won't be long before he is walking. He just needs a little more confidence. He also loves to open cupboard doors and drawers. So he is keeping us on our toes! :) Also he has learned how to clap his hands, he loves waving goodbye and hello. He is starting to say a few more words... He tries to say, Jesus (which sounds more like G.G.) He also says cheese and drink, but neither of them sound quite right either, but at least we know what he is saying. He has also become a huge mama's boy. Before he had no problem going to strangers, or even other family members, but now he bawls when anyone else wants to hold him. (He will go to daddy though.) Thank goodness! He had his one year appointment this week. He weighs 20 lbs exactly and is 30 inches long. His head is still in the 90th percentile! :) He is healthy and strong, and we are so grateful for that. Here are the other things we have been up to the past month:
At Robert's Gravel pond playing while daddy was fishing. Taking a much needed break from school work.

Zaya opening presents on his birthday.

Zaya full of birthday cake! He loved it so much! (You can see here that he is having a reaction from the chicken enchiladas he ate before he had his cake.)

Chocolate Birthday cake with white chocolate letters.

Aunt Sarah, Mary, & Hannah wanted to decorate Zaya's highchair for his birthday. After they were finished we laughed because it looked like Zaya was riding on a float! :) We had a nice little family party out at my parent's house.

Daddy with Zaya on his birthday.

Proud mama with her birthday boy!

Zaya 1 year old!
Bad Reaction
Isaiah having a bad reaction to something he ate. His face gets red with some of the things he eats. I am trying to trace it and find out what it is that causes it. He rubs food all over his face. This is the worst reaction he has ever had and I was so close to hauling him into the doctor. It doesn't seem to affect him much, besides the redness of course. This time he was starting to rub it like it was itching him though. So far I think he has some sort of allergies to strawberries, processed (fake) cheese like mac and cheese and velveeta cheese. Also he breaks out with bumps from his sunscreen. So I am in the process of trying to find one what works for him. Poor boy!

Mother's Day
The mother's day breakfast Casey made for me. :) Consisting of cheese eggs, toast with jam, strawberries, salsa for the eggs, and apple juice! I thought it was so funny and cute how he cut the eggs and toast into heart shapes! It was delicious.

My Sister Beck's Baby Shower
Little Baby Cupcakes I made for Beck's Baby Shower! It was a lot of fun, but took forever! Everything on them was edible! (Besides the cupcake wrapers). I never would have gotten them finished had my sisters and mom not helped me though. They were a huge hit!

Baby sleeping with teddy bear.

Baby with binkie and bib.

Baby with bottle.