Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rebecca's Wedding and Family Pictures

Rachel's sister, Rebecca, was married over the weekend. It was great to have all of the family down for the event. Rebecca and her husband Michael were married in the Rexburg temple on Sat. June 21, 2009. Isaiah met a bunch of his cousins, a couple of which are his same age. Rachel did all of the flowers for the wedding which really brightened things up! She did an excellent job and put in a lot of hours making everything look great.

Food table at the reception

One of Rachel's centerpieces

Picture of the Rexburg Temple

Isaiah's cousin, Lucy.

Rachel and her sister Sarah
Rachel's Mom

Rebecca and her Dad

Family Shot
Ben, Jamie, and Isaiah's new cousin Zacky!

Zaya and Zacky

Isaiah's older cousin Isaac. Isaac really never looks this serious or mad:)
Coming out of the temple as husband and wife

Rebecca and Michael

Little Lucy

Jenny Wren

Grandma Pieper

Mary Pieper holding the bride's bouquet
Getaway car got wrapped!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Blessing

Isaiah was blessed in church today. This was his first time in sacrament. He was so good the entire sacrament meeting. Grandma and Grandpa Davis have been down for the past couple of days helping out with dirty diapers and helping around the house. A big thank you for the help! The Pieper family also attended Isaiah's baby blessing.