Monday, July 25, 2011

Brooklyn's Birth Story

 You don't have to read all about this if you don't want to, because it is more for myself than anything else. :) I don't think I could have asked for a better labor and delivery. I was really worried that things wouldn't go well since I had to be induced. On July 22nd I still hadn't gone into labor on my own so the doctor set up my induction for 4:00 am on Saturday July 23rd (which was my due date). They didn't want her to risk her getting any bigger and since she went clear up to my due date they figured we better be induced. I was only dilated to a 1 and a half cm when I went in although my cervix was softer than it had been the week previous. So this made me feel better about being induced now, instead of the week before like they had originally planned. We showed up at the hospital just after 4 in the morning they did all the paperwork and IV and all that good stuff and then they hooked me up to pitocin at 6:00am. Then we had a really great nurse come on call shortly after that. Her name was Merna. She told me that her shift was until 7:00 so we were going to try and get her here before that. She used all her "tricks" to help me have a quick delivery and they must have worked, because it didn't take long at all. Just before 10:00 I was dilated to 4 cm and they broke my water. An hour later I got an epidural which was a little crazy at first since my back is so sensitive I couldn't help but jump every time the anesthesiologist touched me. I had to try really hard to hold still. The first try didn't go well because the space was too tight or something. My left leg started getting all tingly and then started cramping up. So he pulled it out and he had to go in a second time. The second time worked well and the epidural was great! I could still feel my legs and everything but no pain accept for a little pressure. By 11:40 I was dilated to a 6 and the baby was a zero station. From then on I dilated so quickly I told the nurse a little while later that I was feeling a lot of pressure. Well she checked me it was around 12:24pm and I was dilated to 10cm so she told me to try and wait while she got the doctor and then we would push this baby out. I pushed with the nurse a few times. The doctor showed up and we pushed a little more. Her head was sideways and her heart rate went down a little so they wanted to use the vacuum to try and help get her out more quickly.Well only a few more good pushes and Brooklyn was born at 12:51 pm. So from the time I got the pitocin to the time she came it was less than 7 hours total! I only had to push for like 12 minutes or so. I was so surprised at how quickly I progressed. This labor was 10 times easier than Isaiah's and I didn't even really feel that tired after she was born! It was crazy! I really couldn't have asked for better nurses and doctors or a better delivery. It was so great! And I don't mean to sound like I am bragging to all of you who read this and haven't had easy deliveries, I am sorry. I know how they are though, because Zaya's was horrible when compared to this!

After Brooklyn was born we did have a little trouble with her blood sugars being too low. They almost had to put her in the NICU on Saturday night because they were one point above the cut off line from being too low. They just kept dropping and dropping. Anyway we started supplementing her with formula and then they went back up, so she barely escaped having to go the NICU and having an IV. Other than that there were no problems. I think her apgar score was a 9 and she had lots of that cheesy vernex stuff all over her when she was born. I think that is about it. I am just so grateful for all of the prayers that were said on our behalf and feel so blessed and grateful to have such a sweet little girl who is happy and healthy. Isaiah wasn't quite sure what to think about his new baby sister when he came to visit her at the hospital. He didn't want to have much to do with her, but he was happy to see mom and dad. He is now very curious around her and starting to warm up, but he keeps wanting me to hold him. It is hard though, because my back is still in a lot of pain. Other than that though we feel great so far and are so happy about this new little addition to our family.

Brooklyn Ruby Davis just minutes after birth,

Proud mama!

Proud Daddy!

In her cute little outfit ready to come home from the hospital.

My cute little Brooklyn

Still haven't gotten any pics of Zaya with her. We will work on that one, but I want him to be able to warm up to her at his own pace and not force him. :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Sweet Baby Brooklyn

Brooklyn Ruby Davis was born on Saturday July 23, 2011. She weighed in at 7 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches long. Everything went really well with the labor and delivery and we just feel so blessed to have her here. We definitely have felt the prayers of many on our behalf. We just feel so blessed to have her sweet spirit in our home. We are all doing well and are happy to be home from the hospital. Here are a few pictures of her.

Daddy holding his new little girl. So Proud!

Just 24 hours old

I think this one is so precious!

Me right before the induction.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My first craft in ages!

So I finally decided to pull out the sewing machine that Casey bought me a few years back for my birthday and put it to good use. I made these two reversible car seat covers to try and make our boyish car seat look a little more feminine. I thought it was better than buying a whole new car seat, and it will help keep the sunshine out of her eyes. While making these car seat covers I learned a lot of patience and perseverance. I am so surprised that I finished the first one after much frustration, unpicking, broken needles, and crying to my mom on the phone over it all. :) And even more surprised that I finished the second one after how crazy the first one was. They are far from perfect but all in all I think they turned out pretty cute and I feel that more than anything I at least learned a few good life lessons through it all. I knew there was a good reason it had taken me so long to pull out that sewing machine...I always get so frustrated when sewing because something, if not a million things always seem to go wrong! :) Oh and in case you are wondering how I made them, I just looked at a ton of different ones on other peoples blogs and then just kind of made it up from i am surprised they turned out as well as they did.

39 weeks

Well I am 39 weeks along now and am just counting down the days til this little girl gets here! I can hardly wait! I am hoping I won't have to wait clear until the end of this week for her to finally come, but I guess I just have to be patient. I decided to cancel my induction date that was set for tonight, because I felt that it would be better to wait... so I am hoping everything goes well and that this was the right decision. The doctor left it up to me weather or not I should be induced. So that is what made it so hard to decide. Oh and for those of you who were wondering the reason that they even set up the induction in the first place was because the specialist I am seeing recommended it because I have gestational diabetes and a little extra fluid. My other doctor said it was a really soft call weather or not I really needed it since my diabetes has been diet controlled and sugars are in good range. Ultrasound shows that she is growing at the right size and the extra fluid isn't much of a concern. So all in all when he checked me again and I was still only dialated to maybe 1cm and still really high he left it up to me. He said that either way I would do great! But I am not so sure. :) Now just more waiting and patience since I thought it would be better to let my body go into labor on its own. Here are some pictures of myself 39 weeks along with this little girl!

Beautiful picture of the sunrise here in Vegas. I took this the other morning when I couldn't sleep because of "false labor."   I though I would be heading in to the doctor that morning, but instead I just got to enjoy my first sunrise. I am usually never awake at 5:30 am to enjoy this beautiful scene. 

39 weeks

39 weeks

Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Funny Pictures and silly Zaya

Here are some candid shots of Zaya doing what he loves to do best...try on mom's high heels. :) This time it was right before church so he had his church clothes on. He decided to add another accessory this time...daddy's fishing hat! I just crack up when I see these pictures!

Then the other day while I was getting ready I saw Zaya doing this:

He pulled the little box off from on top of the bigger one and decided to pretend this was his rocker and ottoman I guess. It is hard to tell from the picture, but he has his feet propped up on the bigger box and he is reading himself one of his favorite books! I usually read him stories in the rocking chair and he likes to sit on the ottoman while I read to him, so I guess this is where he decided to do it this time. :) 

He is also starting to get very imaginative and likes to play pretend. He will always pretend to eat food out of the books and say that it is yummy and he likes to tell me "bye mom i'm going to....." and each time it is something new. Sometimes he is going to the store, sometimes he is going to daddy's office, sometimes he is going to get gas, it is always something new every day. He even says he is going to school sometimes. :) He usually does this when he is coming out of or going into the bathroom. :)

Isaiah also has found a new friend. Her name is Hailey and they are in our ward. He loves going to nursery with her and sitting by her in church (they usually sit the row in front of us) and he loves to share his snacks with her over the bench. One time Hailey was trying to squeeze through the small space between the bench and the wall to come see Zaya and she couldn't fit, so Isaiah held her hand and was trying to help her through. It was really cute and funny and I was trying not to laugh, but it was so cute! They are good little buddies and Zaya loves hanging out with her. He is always asking about Hailey. 
Isaiah, Hailey, and Hailey's cousin.
This picture was taken at Hailey's house when his mom offered to watch him while I went to one of my doctors appointments. They had so much fun playing together. That morning when Zaya woke up he yelled for me like he always does when he wakes up, when I opened the door to get him out of his crib he was standing there and the first thing he said was, "Go to Hailey's now!" He was so excited that he got to go over and play at Hailey's while mom went to the doctor. We are so glad to have them as friends and Zaya sure loves playing with her! Thanks again Alison for watching him for us! I think they are super cute together!

July 4th Fun!

This year we couldn't really go anywhere for the 4th of July, because I didn't want to risk going into labor in the middle of the desert somewhere. So we tried to find something fun to do around here. We decided to go check out the Hoover Dam and drive over the new bridge that has been done for some months now and we just haven't gotten around to seeing yet. So we packed a picnic lunch and drove over to see it. When we drove to the other side of the bridge you enter into AZ and we told Isaiah that we were in Arizona, so he looked around and said, "Where's Zachy, Ike?" His cousins Zachy and Ike live in AZ and he was wondering where they were since he couldn't see them, so we had to try and explain to him that they lived in a different part of AZ. Anyway I thought that was really funny.

After we drove over, we decided it would be fun to park and walk  out over the bridge on this walkway that they have. Zaya had fun going up all of the stairs and ramps they had to get to the top. It had a great view of the Dam but it was pretty freaky! It was also raining and windy, but it was just enough rain that we all thought it felt good and was a nice change from the heat, but some of the pictures aren't the best because of it.

Then we decided to drive out past Search Light, which I am still not even sure where this little town is and go to some cove that Casey wanted to fish. It was like an hour away or so. Anyway we got there and it was so hot! and packed with lots of Hispanics, but we did manage to hike through the sand a ways to a spot in the back where there weren't too many people and found a nice little shady spot to have lunch and wade out in the water. Luckily it was much cooler down by the water, or we never would have lasted. Casey didn't have much luck fishing there because his lures kept getting snagged, but we all had lots of fun exploring a new part of Nevada and being somewhat adventurous. Zaya loved throwing the rocks in the water and watching them splash!

Hoover Dam (view from the bridge walkway)

Up on the walkway

Another scary view! It is so high up!

My cute boys!

Not looking the best with the rain, but at least we are both smiling and looking at the camera :)

I thought these were cute!

So funny!

View of Lake Mead from a look out point.

Silly Zaya eating some apple. It was really bright so I am squinting  pretty bad!

Out at Cotton Wood Cove ( I think that is what it was called)

Eating an apple while Zaya throws his rocks!

Relaxing in the shade

It was so bright outside, but I still like this pic.
 After this we all came home and showered and slept and relaxed then at night we went into town to watch some fireworks. We didn't end up in the best of locations, but we still got to see a few fireworks and it was still pretty fun. Zaya did not enjoy the few little ones we bought to do with him. He is deathly afraid of fireworks up close and hates the loud noises they make. He kept crying and saying that he wanted to go back in the house. He really learned to like the ones from far off though, and thought they were really pretty. A few nights after the 4th Zaya was asking me where the fireworks were and I told him I didn't think there would be any but we could go down and do some sparklers if he wanted. He said that he was excited and that he liked sparklers, so i thought we would give it another shot. Well as soon as he saw what I had in my hands as we went out the back door, he realized what was going on and started to get all worried and said, "Put it back mom. Put it back." I asked him if he wanted to watch me do some, but he would have none of it, so despite my efforts we still have a bunch of little fireworks that have yet to be set off. :)

Pregnancy Update

Okay so I know this was a few weeks ago, but here are the most recent belly pics of me 35 weeks along with this little girl.
35 weeks

35 weeks with little girl

I will be 38 weeks tomorrow. The doctor thinks it may be a good thing to induce me a little early because I have extra fluid and that combined with the gestational diabetes makes it a little more scary I guess. Anyway it isn't too crucial but they want to keep monitoring me. If by the time I see the doctor next week I am dilated or progressing more, then they may induce my on the 18th or 19th. If I am still at maybe a 1 (which is what I am now) then they will probably wait until my body is more ready for labor. They just don't want me to end up having a long hard labor or having to have a c-section because of inducing too early. Anyway that is where we are at at this point. Lots of monitoring (twice a week) plus seeing my regular doctor.

I had an ultrasound on Wednesday and everything looks great besides the extra fluid. They think she weighs 7 lbs 5 oz, but it could be a pound more or less. They got a really cute 3D picture of her face and with all the pregnancy hormones I almost started crying when I saw it. Something crazy about being able to see her so just choked me up a bit! Crazy pregnancy hormones anyway. I don't have a scanner so I took a picture of it to put on here, it isn't the clearest, but you can get an idea anyway. Wish you could see the actual one. :) I think it is cute, but of course I am very biased. :)
Little girl at 37 1/2 weeks gestation

3D picture
~So other than that you may be wondering if we have picked a name yet, and we really aren't sure! There is one we are leaning towards, but are not sure on and we have no clue on the middle name still. So I guess we either better get it figured out soon, or hopefully it will come to us when she is born. :) 
~I have had some swelling in my feet and ankles and it is always worse in my left leg for some reason but it hasn't been too bad. It usually only lasts a couple of days then goes away. Then it will come back. I think when I stay hydrated and try and not sit or stand too long, then it stays away.
~My tailbone aches every now and then.
~ Lots of pressure on my bladder at night and it hurts like crazy so I always have to get up in the middle of the night, but other than that am sleeping pretty well, thank goodness.
~Not really any food cravings, but i think maybe I do crave peanut butter. It is weird though, because I have never loved peanut butter, but now I am eating it like crazy, either PB and J or on sliced apples. Maybe it is just because it is a good protein that works well with my diet. But either way I am eating tons! :) Other than that no real food cravings this pregnancy. 
~Okay one last thing that I think is really funny is that now that my belly is so big I always make a sort of grunting noise when I bend over to pick something up off of the floor (because it is really uncomfortable) so now Isaiah does the same thing when he picks stuff up. It really cracks me up! He makes it sound like what he is doing is soooo hard! :)