Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweet Little Santa

I have been wanting to post these pictures for awhile now, but I wanted to wait until the Christmas cards had been sent out. I don't know about you, but I have never seen a cuter Santa than this! I love how he has his little pinky sticking up in the bottom picture. Too cute! Hope this adds a little cheer to your holiday season. :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

This year for Thanksgiving we got to go to Casey's Grandparent's Ranch. After a 12 hour trip we finally made it to the Ranch. It never ceases to amaze me the many ways there are to get to the ranch. It seems like every time we go we take a new route. This time we decided to follow our GPS and take a dirt road on the final stretch of the destination. I didn't think it would actually lead us to the ranch, but sure enough we finally made it. It did take us a little longer, but the senic route and roller coaster effect of all of the bumps made it kind of fun.

While on the ranch we were able to spend time with Casey's family. Everyone came besides his brother Matt and their family. Also Aunt Pam and Uncle Gary came along with cousin Rachel. The Thanksgiving feast was delicious and we were all happy that the Turkey didn't taste like soap like it did the year before. :)

Casey also spent time helping his Grandpa on the ranch. They burned a few of the burn piles and Grandpa even let Casey drive the bulldozer. He did end up getting a little bit of poision oak on his arms, but nothing too serious.

We also got to ride Grandpa's horse Zinger. Isaiah is going to be a great little cowboy. He wasn't afraid of the horses at all and seemed to love riding around the corral.

After spending a few relaxing days on the ranch we headed up to Fresno and spent time with Casey's family for a few more days. We went out to eat at a pizza place and also had fun going down Christmas tree lane, even though not all of the lights and decorations had been put up yet.

We were able to visit Grandma and Grandpa Davis as well and it was fun to meet more of Casey's relatives there. Isaiah sure had fun laughing at Uncle Martin's slippers. :)

The week went by fast as it always seems to do when you are having fun. So we were happy to have Matt, Brandy, and Aaron travel back with us. They are moving to Utah also and we are excited to have them living closer to us. They came out to look for apartments. Although they didn't stay long it was fun having them. We really enjoy spending time with family so this past week really has been a treat!

Deer on the ranch

Riding the horses

Zaya and I riding Zinger

Isaiah and Grandpa Parsons

Casey helping Grandpa burn brush piles

Grandpa's bulldozer that Casey got to drive.

Grandma and Zaya

Grandma and Grandpa Davis with all their Grandchildren (Aaron, Bailey, and Isaiah)

Cousin Bailey feeding Isaiah his bottle