Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pleasant Grove

After a week of crazy packing and hauling our things to Utah and another hectic week of unloading boxes, we are finally settled into our new apartment here in Pleasant Grove, UT. It is nice to not be living in a mess anymore. I love our new apartment because it is much bigger and the walls are painted a tan color! I also love that the carpet is better than our old apartment so little Zaya will have much more fun exploring once he gets a little bigger. He is now three months old and getting so big!

Casey is staying busy with work at Synergy companies and working hard in the Utah office. He has had a cold the past few days and blames it on the Utah air, but I think its just all in his head. (No pun intended.) Little Zaya also caught the little bug and he has been a little stuffed up for a few days. He is doing fine, but I hope it clears up soon. I hate seeing him miserable like that.

We also enjoyed having Melissa and Trenton and little Bailey come visit from California. Also we enjoyed having my family stop by and visit on their way to Mexico for their summer trip. We wish that everyone could have stayed a little longer, but we have had fun anyway!

Zaya at Trents Parents House

Zombie Baby!

Zayas Cousin, Bailey

Bailey and Isaiah

Hannah and Isaiah

Isaiah's New Look!

Isaiah found these goggle/glasses and wanted to try them on.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quick Update

Rachel and I are moving down to Utah next week. We will be living in Pleasant Grove for the next 5 months working for Synergy. We are busy packing up all of our stuff (once again) and moving all of our stuff to Utah on Wednesday. We will be back in Rexburg to start school in January.