Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hanging out with Dad

We decided to spend a little bit more time outdoors before it gets too cold. The weather is beautiful and we want to take advantage of it before we have to wear big coats, thick socks, and scrape snow off the windshield. Though we are not the biggest fans of the Salt Lake Valley, it really is a beautful place. We are still planning on returning to Rexburg for school in January.

Park in Pleasant Grove, fall colors on the mountains

Picnic at the park

Taking Isaiah for a car ride, he loves to ride in the car

Isaiah taking a look at the world around him

Curled up in Daddy's arms

Isaiah sporting his new hat

Rachel holding Isaiah who looks surprised

We decided to post this fun video of Zaya after we caught him Giggling. We love to hear him laugh.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shots and Surgery

This week I took Zaya up to Rexburg for his 4 month dr. visit. He got his shots and is a healthy strong little boy. I decided to keep our doctor in Rexburg since we will be returning in January and I really like Dr. Jones. Also it gives me a good excuse to come and visit my family. I hate it when he has to get shots, but I would rather get them than get the disease. The doc said he is healthy and strong. So that is always good to hear.

Mom also got surgery the same day. She had to get her gall bladder removed, so it was nice to be able to come and help her after her surgery with meals and cleaning up the house and just making things run a little more smoothly. Plus Zaya can bring a smile to just about anyone's face so that was nice for Grandma to see while she was recovering.

Zaya staring at the camera instead of smiling

My parent's backyard

Mom looking GREAT just a few days after surgery

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Big Update!

Ok, finally an update! We have been so busy lately we haven't had a chance to blog. Fortunately, we have taken quite a few pictures on our recent adventures. About two weeks ago, Casey's work took him to St. George. Rachel decided to go as well, and so we decided we would go to Las Vegas and visit our friends while we were down there. It was nice visiting the Kropf's and the Peruch's for the short time we were there. After we came home from the Vegas, we decided to go visit Rachel's family for the weekend in Rexburg. When we arrived, Rachel wanted to go visit her long lost garden while Casey visited his long lost truck. Rachel's garden was now fully grown (with ears of corn, tomatos, and lots of potatos:) while Casey's truck was now plastered with bird poo poo's and cow manures. If a truck can last over 50 years it should be able to handle a little more hardship, shouldn't it?

While in Rexburg, we enjoyed spending time with family and friends. After a couple of days we decided to come back home to pleasant grove. Isaiah is 4 months old now. He loves to play and loves to smile. Just today, we heard him giggle for the first time! He still loves to poop everywhere other than his diaper, and sometimes he struggles to sleep, but he is making big improvements every day. He's looking forward to meeting his cousin Aaron and Bailey at Thanksgiving---

Zaya ready for church!

Zaya sporting his new "loafs"

Ready for church!

Just as we were ready to leave for church, Zaya had a change of plans with a change of his diaper

Aunt Hannah and Zaya

Isaiah getting out of the tub a little wet

Isaiah and his duck towel

Isaiah getting out of the bath

Sleepy Zay-zers

Friends in Rexburg

Zaya just had a stinky

Melanie and Zay-zay

Spending time in Vegas

Casey practicing the Fatherly, "over the glasses" disappointed look

Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon

Hair starting to show up on Zay-zay

Mom and Sleepy Baby

Mom and Sleepy Baby