Sunday, October 25, 2009

Zaya is getting big!

Our little boy is growing so quickly! We are just trying to enjoy every moment with him before life gets too crazy. He likes playing in his jumper but doesn't know how to jump yet. Instead he just stares at himself in the mirror. He is also getting good at sitting up and can almost sit on his own. He is looking forward to his first halloween.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It all started on Saturday the morning of General Conference. Casey started feeling sick and at first I didn't believe he was that sick, since he had just been sick a few weeks ago with a bad fever. By Sunday he was really sick and was running another high fever. I was doing my best to take care of him and keep the sickness away from Isaiah and myself. But through all my efforts of trying to sanitize everything and washing my hands constantly I ended up getting sick on Tuesday morning. Again it didn't start out that bad, so I was hoping I wouldn't get it as bad as Casey. But by Wednesday I was feeling pretty aweful. So now we were both sick and were doing our very best to keep it away from the baby. But this stupid sickness is highly contagious and Isaiah ended up getting a fever on Wednesday night. At this point Casey and I were so tired and sick and worried about Isaiah that we had to do something. So Casey called our Dr. and he was able to call in a perscription to a 24 hour Walgreens.(Which was so awesome since it was 10 o' clock at night.) He told Casey that it was kind of expensive but we didn't care at this point. So Casey went to get the medicine for Isaiah and I. The medicine (Tamiflu) ended up costing us $150 for both Isaiah and I. Even though it was expensive it was definitely worth buying since it helped out so much. Isaiah's fever was gone by the next morning and has been doing fine since. Casey and I are finally starting to feel well but there are some lingering symptoms. Luckily we survived the Swine Flu!

Advice: If you think you might have the swine flue, go to the doctor right away and get the medicine you need. It helps shorten the sickness and is worth it.