Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Time

We spent Thanksgiving at Casey's parents house in California. We had the entire family there and had a great time enjoying each others company. Melissa and Trents little girl, Bailey, is the cutest little girl!

Matt and Brandy showed up with somethin in the oven. Brandy is 8 months pregnant and Matt is ready to be a big daddy.

Melissa and Trent looking good!

Cute Little Bailey

Monday, November 10, 2008

A New Davis in Town

Hello Everyone,

Rachel and I wanted everyone to know that Rachel is pregnant!
She is just out of the first trimester, and we just found out
that it's a baby boy! Woooo Weeeee~! We didn't know that
you could know the gender so early, but what do we know? You can~!
We are so excited that Rachel is finally starting to feel better.
It must have been all those smoothies that Casey made her, every week,
every day, every couple of hours.....
Ok, maybe not that many smoothies. But we are excited and hope that
Rachel will continue to feel better.